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About Us

Do you want to maximize your investment return from your properties while you are out of home, or keep flexibility when your invested property in Hong Kong is on sale? Post on our Airbnb service platform for short-term rental to enjoy worry-free agent services, and get someone to take care of your property – no matter you are travelling, busy with your work and family, or simply want peace of mind with your premises.

Over millions of visitors came over from around the world to Hong Kong every year. Growing numbers of them choose Airbnb and other platforms to look for accommodations that fit for family and personal needs.



你有香港的房子,但因為種種原因長期不在香港居住,無法親身打理你的房子從而無法放租。現可委託我們Airbnb Hong Kong Agent 香港個人代理, 立即開始當上房東賺錢吧。最快7天放租!

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Our Services

We treasure and respect your trust. We care for your valuable properties as our own. Our team is committed to provide professional services to landlords and guests. Postings are free, and flexibility in leasing period gives landlords full autonomy how and when to resume property usage. It is ideal for landlords who will come back to Hong Kong from time to time or properties for investment purposes.




Answers to Your Questions

Answers to Your Questions
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